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  1. Ed added a topic in General Discussion   

    Older Windows OS are still vulnerable
    The WannaCry ransom ware targeting older Windows Operating system has been patched and it's unclear if the mitigation measures will still be effective.  
    This ransom ware is not the typical ransom ware where human assistance is required. WannaCry has attributes of a worm - a self propagating digital virus.  This is possible on the affected operating system due to a flaw.  This flaw in not present in newer Windows operating systems, and was one of the vulnerabilities revealed in the NSA tool leaks back in January.
    More details are in the cybersecurity discussion forum.
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  2. Ed added a topic in General Discussion   

    New attack pose high risk to advance field equipments
    I just posted details about the BrickerBot attack.  This attack targets Internet of Things and can pose risk to connected transportation equipment,  Additional description and details will be found in the cyber security discussion forum.
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  3. Ed added a topic in General Discussion   

    News regarding release of new hacking tools
    FYI everyone.  We are tracking development in the following story you may have seen in the media this morning about leaks of CIA Hacking Tools:
    We will be monitor development on this and posting additional information and assessment in the cyber security forum.  We will highlight any tools that we feel could translate into new vulnerabilities or increase risk to transportation devices and systems.
    Stay tuned in the CS Forum!
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