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    TSM&O Research Coordination and Collaboration
    This forum is dedicated to TSM&O research coordination and collaboration around research ideas, thoughts, inquiries, topics, and more specifically, research problem statements and synthesis topics that may be developed for submission through one of the Transportation Research Board's Cooperative Research Programs.  For example, over the past year, TRB's Regional Transportation Systems Management & Operations Committee (RTSM&O) has been working with the TRB Freeway Ops Committee and AASHTO's Research Working Group under their Subcommittee on TSM&O to coordinate and collaborate around NCHRP Problem Statements.  Recently, TRB's Critical Infrastructure Committee has also joined in the collaboration.
    Attached, FYI, are: Research Problem Abstracts developed by TRB RTSMO, a Research Problem Statement that was submitted to NCHRP last October on Decision Support Systems, and a recent Synthesis topic that was submitted to NCHRP earlier this month on planning for resilience.  
    As co-Chair of RTSMO's Subcommittee on Research, I would welcome any input/comments on the attached and any thoughts or ideas related to TSM&O research needs.  If you have any related documents to share, please use this Forum as your information sharing tool! 
    RTSMO Research Need Abstracts 06262015.pdf
    TRB Synthesis Statement Form Final As Submitted 02122016.pdf
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