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  1. slavrenz added a post in a topic We Need Your Help to Understand State of Traffic Signals   

    Hi Olivia,
    To broaden your potential response base, might I suggest that you also send this to NOCoE's TSMO listserv (
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  2. slavrenz added a topic in General Discussion   

    Member Survey: Ideas for Improving the NOCoE Discussion Forums
    NOCoE is in the midst of developing some changes to its discussion forums, in order to encourage greater participation from our membership. As part of this process, I would like to solicit feedback directly from the TSMO community, to further refine our development efforts and focus our resources. I would appreciate it if you would give some thought to the following questions:
    What do you think the role of the discussion forums should be within NOCoE and the website?Do you currently use the discussion forums regularly (i.e., at least once per month)?If not, what are some of the biggest reasons for not participating?If so, what are some of the biggest value-adds that you see with the current system?Do you feel that the ability to create new threads for the forum via email would significantly increase your level of participation?Are there specific things that can be done with the forums to better mesh with your existing workflow?Are there certain discussion topics that you feel are current missing in the forums? Or conversely, are there certain existing topics that you don't feel are appropriate?You can either post your responses/thoughts here, or email them to me directly at Thank you in advance for helping us to better engage the TSMO community!
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  3. slavrenz added a post in a topic June 30th Webinar: 5.9 GHz Wireless Spectrum for Vehicle/Infrastructure Applications: Overview & Review of Proposed FCC Rulemaking   

    Also, here is a link back to the materials from the webinar, which includes a link to the original FCC NPRM:
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  4. slavrenz added a topic in V2I Deployment Coalition   

    June 30th Webinar: 5.9 GHz Wireless Spectrum for Vehicle/Infrastructure Applications: Overview & Review of Proposed FCC Rulemaking
    Based on the NOCoE webinar being held today on this topic, I would like for this webspace to serve as an additional forum for individuals to post questions related to 5.9 GHz spectrum sharing for CV/AVs, and the related FCC NPRM.
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  5. slavrenz added a topic in Traffic Signals   

    UDOT SPM Source Code - Transition to Open Source this fall
    I am posting this information about UDOT's SPM software on behalf of Mark Taylor ( at UDOT:
    UDOT is currently working with the FHWA to transition the hosting of the SPM software ( to the FWHA Open Source Application Development Portal (OSADP) sometime this fall (around October).  The rationale behind this transition is to have the development of the source code be shared by all who wish to contribute. There are several other benefits, including additional support, updates, training, version management, transparent application development, collaborative development, forums for discussions on applications, and documentation.   We are confident that the OSADP will make the SPM's a better product and help ensure long-term sustainability for all entities using it. 
    In the meantime, UDOT's software developers have been busy overhauling the SPM source code so it is ready for the OSADP this fall.  They are currently working on some of the following activities:
    Moving the source code to current technology (i.e. Entity Framework & MVC/Bootstrap).  This will provide some of the following benefits:Improve securityImprove ADA complianceResponsive design (i.e. facilitates laptops, mobile devices, all screen sizes)Installations and upgrades will be much easier.  Installation time will be cut from a full day to just a few hours (less time for upgrades)Improving the code design.Creating sufficient documentation that describe the website functions, source code and installation process (thanks to GDOT's help on this).We look forward to OSADP this fall and hope the upcoming changes will improve the process for everyone.
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  6. slavrenz added a topic in Planning for Operations   

    February 29th Webinar: DSS for TSM&O - A Florida Case Study
    On Monday, February 29th, NOCoE will be hosting a webinar on integrating Decision Support Systems (DSS) practices into TSM&O activities. This will include presentations by Melissa Ackert from the Florida DOT and Dr. Mohammed Hadi from Florida International University on their recently-released report on this topic, in which the two groups worked to develop an integrated web tool for facilitating operational and investment planning within FDOT.
    - Details on the report can be found here:
    - Details on webinar registration can be found here:–-florida-case-study
    I would like to use this thread as a primer for discussion surrounding this webinar/topic area, both before and after the event. If you have any specific questions that you would like us to try and address during Monday's webinar, please post them below (although during the event itself, I ask that you please use the webinar chat feature, as this thread will not be monitored). Following the webinar, I strongly encourage attendees to continue their conversations around this topic here!
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  7. slavrenz added a post in a topic Where to go next with automated traffic signal performance measures?   

    Thank you for that additional info, Ray!
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  8. slavrenz added a post in a topic Where to go next with automated traffic signal performance measures?   

    Thanks, for the thoughtful response, Steve. I wonder then, if there's potential for future ATSPMs to shake out like what Linux has done with its development. You maintain a common underlying code base, but allow different "flavors" or "builds" to be developed (maybe depending on the complexity of detection and communications that an agency has available).
    I hope that Howell will be able to jump on the forum at some point and speak to the storage issues - in that light, I would also love for him to share more information on the Raspberry Pi solution that he has been working on for offline field data storage and clock sync!
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  9. slavrenz added a post in a topic Where to go next with automated traffic signal performance measures?   

    The links to all of the presentations, as well as the photos that Darcy took can be found in the NOCoE Knowledge Center:
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  10. slavrenz added a topic in Traffic Signals   

    Where to go next with automated traffic signal performance measures?
    This is a follow-up to last week's workshop in Salt Lake City on Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs). I want to take another opportunity to thank all those who attended - I'm a relative newbie in the traffic signals community, and I was astonished at the level of engagement and the nature of discourse coming out of the workshop.
    One thing that was discussed quite a bit was how to carry on the momentum of the workshop to continue the focus on developing SPMs. I wanted to start things off by touching on a few different areas where I see potential for the greatest growth and contribution of efforts. Hopefully these thoughts will spur further discussion, either within this thread, or new threads in the traffic signals forum.
    For ATSPMs to succeed, the private sector, especially OEMs and their sales vendors, must be an integral part of the conversation. What role (or balance of roles) do you think that public agencies vs. private sector vs. universities should play in the development of ATSPMs?It is imperative that we continue to experiment with and refine the development of existing SPMs, such that they can more accurately represent the needs and objectives or a variety of agencies. Along those lines, where do you see some of the largest gaps right now in terms of SPM development?While it is easy to sell individual agencies and vendors on the benefits of ATSPMs, the conversation must move to a national level to facilitate widespread adoption and development. Where do you see the future of ATSPMs heading, especially in the context of national pushes for other technology developments, such as autonomous & connected vehicles? Is the time right for the development of a national ATSPM set of standards?Let the discussion begin!
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  11. slavrenz added a post in a topic Automatic Traffic Signal Performance Measures   

    Thanks, Darcy. I'm working to get this moved under "traffic signals" before we get the discussion going, so things are less confusing. Hopefully in the next day or so!
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  12. slavrenz added a post in a topic Automatic Traffic Signal Performance Measures   

    Thanks for the information, Mark, and thanks for organizing such an amazing workshop out in Salt Lake City on this topic. Over the next several days, I will be checking to see if we can put together some sort of a dedicated community for ATSPM discussion within this forum!
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