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  1. ivanovn added a post in a topic Member Survey: Ideas for Improving the NOCoE Discussion Forums   

    Here are a couple of thoughts I have regarding NOCoE forums. 
    What do you think the role of the discussion forums should be within NOCoE and the website?Discussion forums are an excellent resource because they provide an opportunity for structured discussion and knowledge exchange, which serves well the mission of the center. However, achieving that goal can be challenging if the forums are not accessible, relevant, and properly moderated, especially given that most participants in these forums are volunteers. The end goal of the forums should be to provide valuable information and lead to more formal outputs (white papers, research and implementation opportunities, etc.) 
    Do you currently use the discussion forums regularly (i.e., at least once per month)?No. 
    If not, what are some of the biggest reasons for not participating?There are several reasons for me not using forums regularly:
    I tend to forget to check the forums for updates. If there was a way to receive an email with full text of each forum post (at least as a custom setting) then I would receive notifications that would draw me back to the site and the forum. Similarly, there are other knowledge sharing venues that do a better job of keeping me updates. For example, LinkedIn has a number of relevant groups that I am a member of and which lead similar discussions that get summarized or sent to my email. I tend to look at those first, before thinking of the NOCoE.If so, what are some of the biggest value-adds that you see with the current system?Focused and specialized on operations. No individual LinkedIn group encompasses the expertise available from members of this site. However, a combination of LinkedIn groups and notifications currently presents a strong competition to NOCoE website. 
    Do you feel that the ability to create new threads for the forum via email would significantly increase your level of participation?Yes. But more importantly seeing the threads in the email and being able to reply would be helpful. Is that capability already available and I just missed it?
    Are there specific things that can be done with the forums to better mesh with your existing workflow?Closer email integration.
    Are there certain discussion topics that you feel are current missing in the forums? Or conversely, are there certain existing topics that you don't feel are appropriate?I need to spend some more time on the forums to better answer this question.
    Keep up the good work!
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