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  1. Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) have been included in the FHWA Every Day Counts 4 Initiative.  Visit the EDC4/ATSPM website here to learn more 
    To view a recorded webinar that describes what ATSPMs are in the context of EDC4 and FHWA's approach to mainstreaming the use of ATSPMs nationally over the next two years follow this link  
    The NOCoE calendar of events will begin to be populated with upcoming workshops, presentations at professional meetings and webinars to keep you informed about what's happening with Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures.  Stay tuned. 
    What is ATSPMs?
    Conceptually, ATSPMS are a suite of performance measures, data collection, and data analysis tools to support objectives and performance-based approach to managing the maintenance and operation activities of traffic signal programs.
    There are a number of approaches to implementing ATSPMs.  The approach selected for implementation should be consistent with the organizational capability of the agency.  For agencies with moderate to high capability a viable approach that is also cost-effective might be an open source alternative that can take advantage of existing infrastructure.  
    UDOT/ATSPM Approach - 
    Utah DOT developed and is currently sharing an application that was developed in house.  the UDOT Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) application is available for download here  The OSADP site has a discussion section if you have a question related to the installation or configuration of the UDOT/ATSPM application.
    Other Approaches
    There are a number of products and services available to support the implementation of ATSPMs. In the coming weeks, FWHA will issue a Request For Information (RFI) with a set of requirements for ATSPMs.  I will share that information to provide a preliminary list of products that meet the conceptual definition of ATSPMs.
    If you would like to discuss how ATSPMs are being used to support traffic signal management, operations, maintenance or design please post that information in this forum or start a new thread.