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  1. Oregon DOT, Oregon State Police and FHWA are hosting our 6th Annual Statewide TIM Conference on Sept 13th, 2016.  The conference will be held at the Oregon Public Safety Academy.
    Topics for this years conference are:
    Rogue Valley Traffic Incident Management Team: “Building Understanding, Raising Awareness, Enhancing Relationships, and Producing Results”Developing a Culture of Traffic Incident Management: A Wisconsin PerspectiveOregon’s TIM Program – Enhancing the Safety and Reliability of Our Roads Today (includes outside demonstration)OTTA – Displaying Professionalism: Advancing Oregon’s Tow Industry Through TIM StrategiesRobotic Total Measuring System (RTMS) Grant Overview & RTMS DemonstrationOur guest speakers include:
    Dan Kontos, Chief Deputy and Undersheriff at the Portage County Sheriff’s OfficeKatie Belmore Traffic Operations Engineer HNTB CorporationCome visit Oregon and attend what is sure to be a great conference.
    2016 Oregon TIM Conference.pdf
  2. The Oregon DOT and Oregon State Police are working on updating their Oregon Towing Laws.  We are looking for states that might have recently gone through reforming their tow policies and laws.  We are primarily looking for general tow regulations and policies, as opposed to heavy tow incentive programs.  We are looking for best practices, lessons learned, etc.  Also if you have a good contact at the State DOT or State Police that I could pass along to our TIM Coordinators at ODOT and OSP to follow up with them, that would be great.

    Nathaniel Price
  3. In Missouri we have been seeing an increase in CMV not responding to Incident Management signs on our Interstates.  Trucks are not slowing down and/or moving over creating some very serious scene safety concerns.
    Feedback from responders, staff and law enforcement points to the increase in non-English speaking drivers not being able to read, interpret and understand the signing.
    Another factor we believe may be leading to the problem is sign placement and height.  We currently use roll-up signing on portable sign stands. 
    Our question is:  What are other states doing to get the attention and appropriate response from the Commercial Motor Vehicle traffic, especially considering the influx of non-English speaking drivers?
    Any best practices, products, or traffic control plans would greatly be appreciated.
  4. Virginia State Police created a video describing their use of the SHRP2 Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training.